Who are we ?



FRAIS EMBAL was created in 1992 with the following ambitions :

  • Offer boneless fish (thanks to our boning techniques)
  • Offer fixed weight fish, calibred to respond to the customer’s nutritional needs
  • Offer odourless fish in the refrigerator for the customer (thanks to modified atmosphere packaging)

Now, and for over 30 years, FRAIS EMBAL offers the best of boneless fresh fish, cut and packaged. Located since 1996 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, at the heart of the first european fish transformation centre and consumer markets, we play a key role on the international fishing and seaproducts market. Innovation is at the heart of our concerns, which has enabled us to master different technologies over time. With an offer that changes to meet our customers’ needs and a large variety of products, FRAIS EMBAL is present on 3 sales channels : retail, food service and BtoB.