Our expertise


Since its creation in 1992, FRAIS EMBAL has not stopped investing and innovating in order to bring THE optimal solution for the specific needs of its customers and of course… to satisfy consumers. With our teams focused on consumer satisfaction and working in fields as varied as production, buying, trade, Research and Development, quality control, we are commited to work alongside you to increase our performances. Whether you are a distributor, industrialist, restaurant manager or a territorial commuinity, we use all the means necessary to respond to each unique need.


_dsc5327Since the beginning FRAIS EMBAL, through its production teams, valorises the processing of fish and is always looking for ways to optimise the production and make working conditions better and better.


For over 30 years, FRAIS EMBAL innovates daily. Whether it be recipes or new packaging. We were able to adapt to the evolution of methods of consumption to offer the products that correspond to our customers’ needs and those of consumers.